Apple’s Success Story

mac head filmPerhaps one of the most compelling stories of the past decades is the reign of The Apple & Macintosh empire. It’s story is in all sense a very interesting one, filled with defeat, loss, triumph and controversy. It is amazing to see how this computer company rose to what it is today and how it developed a deep and pop-star like cult following from customers all over the world. These are people that await every piece of information from the company with a deep passion. People line up in stores for days to be the first to get the newest device the company releases. These are the MacHeads.

How did Apple reach this status? Since the beginning the company always thrived for perfection and innovation. Since their establishment in 1976 and its ventures as a computer manufacturer with their Macintosh models they were in the forefront of computer technology offering great computers for the user seeking a more stylish and consumer-oriented computers.

However, for a period of time, Apple was facing some of its most difficult times. They were down in sales and were steadily losing customers, until the launch of their iMac computer.┬áIt was the first breakthrough on what would become the most successful times for the company. If it weren’t for its release perhaps there would not be an iPod or the iPhone.

Nowadays Apple has now ventured on much more than just computers and software, they are also are entering consumer electronics and computer software. It is unknown where this will all go for Apple but judging from their history, sky is the limit. So in a way MacHeads will only continue to multiply generation after generation.