Mac Community and MUG

mac head film13 13 February 2008, author 9:11 am MUG = Mac User Group. Why Mac users have developed a personal connection with their machines? There have been numerous articles from every range financial studies, marketing articles, cult explorations, and philosophical papers all trying to answer this question. One area that isn’t fully explored is the Macintosh users group. There are over 1,ooo groups around the world . MacHEADS goes in depth portraying how they started, and how they formed a scoial bonding among Mac users and Apple. The user group Network explains: “Macintosh user groups … can be found in many locations around the country. They can be any organization from an informal group of 10 individuals meeting over a laptop; to a nonprofit corporation with a board of directors, and a telephone directory-sized newsletter and a membership the size of Rhode Island. User groups serve computer users in communities, educational institutions, corporations, professions, and associations. Whatever their size or form, user groups share a common commitment to provide a venue for sharing experience, insight, and knowledge about computing, for the personal and professional enrichment of their members. Many groups have regular meetings and schedule speakers and events to keep you up-to-date on the latest technology. Getting involved in a user group is a great way to learn how to make the most of computing technologies. User groups are one of the best resources available to any computer user, as they put the computer community in touch with itself and unite the people that have passion for their chosen platform.” For more read here.