MacHEADS music

07 7 February 2008, author 5:35 pm One question I’ve noticed floating around is who’s behind the trailer’s music. They are a group of young kids we met during shooting in the streets of Santa Cruz California. Zephyrplayed this great song they wrote Flashlight, and we just fell in love with it so we decided to shot them for the documentary. Adding to the original score that is being written these days in LA we also have Daphne Kalfon who wrote the cult song I love my macwhich became a global hit with four different international versions, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, and German. Daphne was kind enough to share her song with MacHEADS. Also featuring John Swerdan and his album Startup Sounds including songs like Poor sad mac and Startup Hard drive. So get ready for this summer great MacHEADS Soundtrack!