The Sydney Morning Herald Article

20 20 February 2008, author 2:29 am Yesterday the Sydney Morning Heraldwrote an article about MacHEADS. I gave an email interview to reporter Asher Moses, he writes in his blog “… the issue at the documentary core – why do iMac users love their computers so much – is definitely something many outsiders, myself included, struggle to comprehend.” The article reveals some very interesting details about the film making process and it’s core issues. MacHEADS do confront the question of the phenomenon and as I wrote to Asher there is more than one reason for the creation of the Apple culture, and MacHEADS goes into great length exploring the hidden territories of the community to form a cohesive thesis. I didn’t go into much details because my belief as a film maker that the narrative should speak for itself. Once the film will come out I’m sure that there will be a lot of productive discussion that will share more light on the Apple Phenomenon.