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Mac Heads The Movie

MacHeads The Movie

mac head filmDo you know what macheads are? Have you ever visited macheads.com to try to figure it out?

What is MacHeads The Movie about? This macheads’ movie Actually is a documentary that lasts one hour. It talks about the Macintosh fan community, mac heads, it features interviews with former employees of Apple, a fair bunch of fanatics who got really emotional when explaining how Mac changed their lives and also industry commentators. The mac head community is known as fanboyz or macheads (a group that is integrated by nerds, science geeks, professionals and average people) The Film also tells the story of Steve Jacobs, who in 1997, exposed the first iMac. It was premiered at Macworld Expo in 2009. It studies the Mac, iPhone and Apple products cult and at the same time it explores the community that seems to be supportive and that continues growing. The film mentions how these products came along and changed everything, some groups started using the Macintosh and before you know it, it was popular all over the world, yet a Mac global community was already formed. These products are a global phenomena and it is not anymore about a necessity but an obsession, specially for the mac head community

One of the question that was asked to Mac users was, “how has the Mac changed your life?” Some of the people in the documentary are unusual. Some of them even pray to Steve Jobs.Then, more than one mac head was asked about the object of his affection , whether if it is for Apple or for the community. This documentary is full of outrageous characters who will make you laugh and it will make you think through about the products mentioned in it.

Many fans are devoted to Mac products because they feel that it makes their lives easier and at some point even better. Some of them have been called “Mac addicts” however they disagree with that and feel it’s not fair that just for expressing their appreciation for the product it makes them addicts

Who participated on it? Kobi Shely – Co-producer, Kobi Shely – Director, Kobi Shely – Editor, Ron Shely – Producer, Yael Mann Grego – Art Director, Alon Grego – Cinematographer, Roy Zu-Arets – Composer (Music Score), Ohad Tzachar – Sound/Sound Designer, Yael Mann Grego – Graphic Design, Kobi Shely – Screenwriter, Ron Shely – Screenwriter.

Do you consider yourself a mac head? Are you captivated by Mac?
Macheads is the community that the world has to accept, some even want to take part of it. If you want to know more about it you could watch this macheads movie and prove whether if you are or aren’t a mac head. Macheads are already taking over!